The Internet has leveled the learning playing field with training, information, programs, and new opportunities every day. When it comes to getting that easy business windfall as advertised by so many online pitches, it’s easy to feel like all we really need is the next training or product we just heard about. But beware of Wishes in the form of Bright Shiney objects that scream This One is that elusive, no-effort-required, magic bullet. None are. But wait…the next one might be…

2 Step Success Formula

1) If it’s the right training to accomplish a specific goal instead of just a wish, it should increase your odds of success. If you want to do X and don’t know the steps or path, the right training, followed by doing the recommended actions, will cut down on learning the hard way.

If you’re plowing through several courses one after the other, hoping to find an easy answer, it probably feels like success must be near. But it isn’t, and then there’s the next great idea to check out.

Knowing about the training doesn’t produce the results. It’s taking action. Many of us listen, read and rush through the course and tell ourselves we’ll come back and do the activities after we’ve gone through to the end. It’s almost like having to read the last page of a mystery to see “who done it.” But, sadly, there’s another course that sounds easier or more fun or more profitable to attack before we go back to the last one to take action. And the cycle repeats.

2) We’d be so much further ahead of just pick one course, finish the activities recommended and see if we can generate a profit. Then try another to expand what we are already doing.

Hopefully, sooner rather than later, there comes that moment where the pain of not achieving goals hurts more than the effort required. Draw a line in the sand and say, “Today’s the day I will get to work.” Clarify the goal, set a timeline, and refuse to make excuses.

There’s a positive shift happening for trainers and students to focus on value and not just the money. A goal-based solely on making money isn’t enough to keep most people going through tough times. We can’t create a dream for anyone else. We can encourage, nurture and train others what to look for, how and why to think through their skills and desires, and how to extrapolate it into goals as they grow past wishing. We can help others discover what they really want, then manifest dreams with goals and action. When we do that, we change lives and earn a profit too.

As business philosopher Jim Rohn said, “It’s easy to do. And it’s easy not to do.”