Years ago my husband and I went skiing for the first time in Durango, CO. At the top of the slope, he would ski down the blue run while I took the green beginner run. Yes, the bunny slope. I never fell, not once. I was careful, a bit slow, but I didn’t fall. He fell a few times, got up and kept going.

Next day I chose brave and adventurous. No more green slope. If I fell, I fell. Without saying anything, we got off the ski lift. He took off down the blue slope, expecting me to repeat the bunny run.

When he glanced back he saw me right behind him. I was following as closely as possible (and faster than I’d prefer) but I was determined to keep up. I only fell once or twice. I didn’t break anything, and it was great fun!

With only a day’s experience of skiing and falling and getting back up, Mike became my coach, and I became a better skier. We had a blast!

My takeaway from this?  Something I have to remind myself from time to time. Break out! Never settle for past successes (like never falling on the safe slope). Take that next challenge. Set your bar higher. Go farther. Do what others think can’t be done. Amaze people. Amaze yourself!