We don’t need to know everything to enjoy doing. Or to make progress.

We only get more information or see the next section of the map as we make progress with what information we have been given. Too often I’ve held back thinking I needed to know more. But as I stepped out, I gained confidence and the next actions became more obvious. Then I needed to step out with that new information.

It’s your turn. I hope you’re embracing stepping out now.

You can amaze yourself as I did in stepping out with something new.

Marian Hays writes, coaches, and speaks about health and personal growth for people who want to take control of their health and empower their lifestyle.  She’s an advocate for others as she researches and shares the truth instead of hype, infused with humor. Her goal is to inspire others to accomplish their goals and work through challenges that might otherwise hold them back.  You can find her books on Amazon.