Exercise is one of the most undemanding and workable ways to regulate blood sugar, eliminate the dangers of cardiovascular disease, and perk up health and welfare and increase willpower reserves. Any exercise is better than none.

Better yet, combine healthy eating with regular exercise. This is good for your insulin requirements and blood glucose levels. By incorporating exercise into your daily routine, you can give your body’s metabolism a boost and help it process the foods you’re eating.  Incidentally, insulin is a factor for all of us. It’s primarily associated with diabetes, but it’s also the FAT hormone. When insulin levels increase, weight loss stops – but that discussion is for another time.

We live in an inactive world
Many jobs are managed from an ergonomic chair in front of a computer. Electronic games and social media keep people tied to computers and mobile devices.

Exercise can come last in your thoughts and your day’s event. 
For about two-thirds of the population, the idea of exercise is just that: an idea. It feels overwhelming. Even when they make a resolution to exercise, it rarely lasts more than six weeks.

Instead of exercise, think movement.
That seems less threatening. It’s never too late to get moving, and it’s one of the easiest ways to start controlling your diabetes or other lifestyle diseases.

  • Exercise/movement also boosts willpower reserves which can come in handy in resisting poor choice foods.
  • Movement can improve insulin sensitivity, lower the risk of heart disease, and promote weight loss.
  • If you’re feeling out of shape, perhaps you can do just a little more than whatever you’re currently doing.

Start slowly, 
Your exercise/movement routine can be as simple as a brisk nightly neighborhood walk. If you haven’t been very active before now, start slowly and work your way up.

  • Walk the dog, walk with friends, or go solo for 10-15 minutes 3-4 times a week.
  • Swimming is a good way to get moving without joint stress
  • Take a bike ride with a friend
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Some people in a high-rise walk 2-3 flights and take the elevator the rest of the way. 
  • Park in the back of the lot and walk.

Every little bit works. In fact, it helps a lot. If you’re extremely overweight and out of shape, you may need to start with a walk to the mailbox and back. Seriously. Or today, put on your walking shoes. Tomorrow, go outside and start walking. There are no rules you have to follow.

Programs to Get You Started
There are movement programs like yoga, palates, and tai chi that are effective and easy to start if you’re not used to any exercise. There’s even a tai chi program sitting down! You can Google it.

To your Health!

Marian Hays writes, coaches, and speaks about health and personal growth for people who want to take control of their health and empower their lifestyle.  She’s an advocate for others as she researches and shares the truth instead of hype, infused with humor. Her goal is to inspire others to accomplish their goals and work through challenges that might otherwise hold them back.  You can find her books on Amazon.