A man was driving through a small town and stopped at a hardware store. Two men were rocking on a porch outside of the store. There was a dog off to the side, howling in pain every couple of minutes.

The traveler asked why the dog was howling.
“He’s sitting on a nail poking through the board.”

“Why doesn’t he move?”

“It doesn’t hurt enough.”

Does your nail hurt enough?
That’s what it will take to overcome your obstacles or just get started with a new project.

Your nail might be the fact that making a change will take effort. It will involve some struggles that you’d really like to avoid. We’ve all been there!

There will probably be times when you think it’s better to go back to the old ways.  Remember, that’s what got you howling. The old ways are rarely better.  You were created for more, to move forward and grow! Look for encouragers along the way.  It’s also the time when your commitment will be most important.

Starting IS the hard part – but it will be oh-so-rewarding!

Marian Hays writes, coaches, and speaks about health and personal growth for people who want to take control of their health and empower their lifestyle. She’s an advocate for others as she researches and shares the truth instead of hype, infused with humor. Her goal is to inspire others to accomplish their goals and work through challenges that might otherwise hold them back. You can find her books on Amazon.