Q: What are some realistic steps I can take to prevent Diabetes (or reverse Type 2)?

A:  Thanks for asking!  Here are 3 Basic Steps in the 3 most important areas of our health.

1.       Make changes to your diet -however small to start.  If you’re used to eating donuts and pizza, going cold turkey with all organic veggies and lean protein will be a bit overwhelming.  Try incremental steps first.  Perhaps you simply cut back on portions.  Skip a dessert.  Combine that with exercise.   My husband said his first exercise was pushing back from the table.
Admit that sugar is not your friend. It’s addictive and dangerous, scientifically proven (details in a future post).

2.      Exercise such as walking will be a good start. Ten minutes of a brisk walk around the block will be an improvement to your overall health, especially if you’ve been in a chair all day at work and the couch at home.  Our bodies thrive on movement instead of the typical sedentary lifestyle. Exercise radically increases the assimilation of nutrients.  This means what you eat is better processed when you add the exercise.

3.       Get sufficient sleep so the brain can best process all the other good things you’re now doing. Sleep also affects your willpower.  We only have so much of it a day, and when we’re overtired, the craving for sweets or that pizza may just be too much.

Ok, I said “3 Basic Steps” and they are realistic and simple.  But we still have to overcome the resistance that so easily pops up.  I’ll be addressing this frustrating resistance in future blog posts.

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