Trying to reboot your health?  Not making the progress you expected?

If you’re going by all the hype from ads, you’ve been set up to fail!

Let’s look at a couple of reasons that might be frustrating you and how to change that.

If you already have a plan, and you’re following the steps, but still frustrated, maybe you’re just comparing your progress to others. Your starting point is unique to you. Your metabolism, health, current food choices, and activity level are crucial factors.

Or perhaps you set a goal that’s “too high, too soon.”  An extreme example would be to lose 300 pounds in 10 months.

Here are some frustration fixes to see tangible results.

  • Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s end results! It’s not fair to you.
  • Set a specific goal. What’s your target date?

If it’s really a BIG goal, break it into a 90-day goal.  Write it down, with the target date.  Only you know what goal will be the one to draw you forward. It needs to be something that inspires you.

  • Decide what you’ll do daily to accomplish your goal. They must be steps that move you to the inspiring goal. You know the drill.

You may already have a program in place.  If it’s reasonable but you haven’t seen results yet, just keep going. If it needs tweaking, look at it, remove the unreasonable parts, and adjust accordingly.

  • Start your new actions. Develop new routines…daily activities to reach your goals.

Do the basics. Baby steps. The daily not-fun-yet steps to get to “I see positive results!”  Anticipate possible bumps in the road ahead of schedule. Check the calendar for parties, weddings, holidays and other events where you may be tempted to overeat or skip exercise. How can you minimize being thrown off course?  Planning will minimize discouraging or self-shaming moments.

  • Track your activities and results.

Check it weekly and monthly to see if you have successes to continue, or areas to tweak.  Even a rocket ship is only on course 3% of the time. The other 97% are correcting direction. The sooner the correction, the faster the desired results.

You should be on your way from “I wish I” to “Wow! I did it.”

To your success!

Marian Hays

P.S. If you need help figuring out the right steps or path to get your best results, send your thoughts and questions to  I promise to respond promptly