I work with individuals and couples so they better understand their strengths and how to maximize them for personal and business success. I’m putting together a program to reach as many people as possible, and I’ll be posting information regularly.

That means you get to come along for the ride. Feel free to comment, ask questions, enjoy the info, or just ignore me. Each of us was created with a unique fingerprint and a unique communication style. We have areas of strengths and characteristics that come more easily, things we do without effort or thinking. This includes skillsets as well as intangibles like being introverted or extroverted.

Seven different communication areas have been identified, and we all possess all seven. But we’re not all equally gifted in all 7 areas. This means we have a unique communication style that’s natural for us. It’s our primary, preferred language. We each have a predictable way of communicating, such as being a very direct, bottom line person, or someone who feels deeply and has a heart to help others, or perhaps a person who thinks through things thoroughly before speaking.

And then … we’re often attracted to someone with opposite strengths. How often have you heard, “opposites attract”? You very likely have some common areas of communication and strengths, but there is just something about that other person – whether in a personal or business relationship – that is somehow attractive as we get to know them. This difference isn’t meant to make your life miserable later on, but that’s what often happens when you don’t understand or you resist these differences. They’re intended to compliment you as a team so you can play to each others’ strengths rather than focus on the differences. You can learn how to make them work FOR you instead of tear you apart.

You’ll give yourself a definite advantage by learning to work to your strengths and will find yourself communicating better than ever. Then your next step is to learn what communication languages others in your life innately prefer (yes, they were born that way!). With this knowledge you can resolve issues, understand and cooperate with one another and actually enjoy the strengths that others have in areas that are weaker for you. Discover bliss after all.