How would it feel to be able to resolve challenges with greater ease, increase career and family success, and gain the respect of others?  Or even reverse health issues?

Brain training can be the answer.  You can train your brain much like a bodybuilder trains their muscles, increasing your intelligence, focus, and memory. Your mind is limitless, and the potential hasn’t even been fully explored.

You’ve probably heard claims that we only use 10% of our brain and that we have lots of untapped potentials. Well, the latter point is true, but the former is a complete myth and misunderstands the way our brain works.

It is possible to upgrade such things as focus, memory, and attention.  And it’s an increasingly popular topic.

Brain training games show up online claiming to do that, but most are just training one small area through repeated actions that only focus on one small area of the brain.

What’s truly exciting is that the capabilities of the human mind go far beyond merely upgrading your ability to retain information, or to be witty in conversation.

Even unhealthy brains can become healthy again!

The key is something called brain plasticity, which is the ability of the brain to grow and change shape in response to experience, training and better nutrition.  It can reshape itself into a formerly healthy state.

Brain plasticity shows that the brain can adapt to incredible demands. It works with muscles to create muscle memory, allows gymnasts to move with fluidity, and memory masters to recite pi to tens of thousands of decimal points (the record is 31,811). It’s what allowed Einstein to decipher the secrets of the universe simply by picturing the movement of light. It allows people to raise their body temperature to survive exposure to extreme cold. Plasticity allows autistic savants to create perfect sketches of cityscapes they’ve seen for seconds.

How to upgrade your brain

Adapt your brain to become optimized for the challenges you face in your life and for the goals you are working toward. Become more highly focussed, more creative, more confident or even upgrade the speed of your thought.

It begins with a decision and the willingness to follow through. It’s not an instant upgrade.  Proper nutrition, reduction or elimination of alcohol or drugs (if that’s part of your norm), and a proper amount of sleep are the beginning critical keys.

By starting with nutrition and sleep, your brain will grow, repair itself and adapt to a healthier condition which responds more effectively to various demands. Feel more relaxed or choose to spend time in creative activities. We can’t always be highly focused or totally relaxed and drifting. Pay attention to when you feel more relaxed or more able to focus on a project.  When you see a pattern, go with the flow, working at your most challenging matters during your most alert time, and take time to relax and recharge as needed.