I just read an article that proclaimed scientists have discovered “something” in the blood of overweight people that isn’t there for those who are not overweight.  Apparently, it prevents overweight people from ever losing weight “even when they do everything right.”  Snacking, stress eating, food addictions, binging, willpower, and other eating patterns have nothing to do with their overweight, or so they say.

Several paragraphs later, we get the big reveal – the “something” is C-Reactive Protein (CRP), which, in excess, may indicate inflammation, common to overweight people. CRP is a normal part of our blood and can be measured to see if we have excess amounts, indicating internal inflammation.  The article, however, dramatically blames this for total inability to lose weight.

The truth is when we overeat or eat the wrong foods, it adversely affects three critical hormones – insulin, ghrelin, and leptin.  Insulin is part of our blood glucose regulator, but it’s also the fat storage hormone.  If glucose is too high, it sends a signal to the liver to store the glucose as fat.  Ghrelin lets your brain know you’re hungry.  Leptin tells your brain when to stop eating.  If insulin is too high, leptin is too low – so we keep eating.  What and when we eat directly affects these three.

The article, rather than addressing how these three hormones interact, tells the reader that inflammation (CRP) causes toxins to “leak” into the brain.  Their conclusion is that inflammation stops the overweight person from ever being able to lose weight.  They even made up an official-sounding name, “weight loss resistance,” so it’s not your fault.

Of course, they announce their “new cure” – a supplement that includes a probiotic, the spice turmeric and another superfood extract (“available for order at end of the article.”) Inflammation is gaining attention in the health world, but it isn’t the sole cause of weight gain or inability to lose weight.  You might even be taking a probiotic for gut bacteria. or turmeric for correcting or preventing inflammation.

But wait! There’s more!

The food industry is expert at knowing exactly how much (or little) sugar to add to keep their customers addicted to their products.  Adding simple carbs (flour-related products) gives that comforting texture to go along with the dopamine rush from eating.  So, with the food industry sabotaging you, lack of weight loss isn’t totally your fault.  But there are healthier ways to combat that besides taking one miracle cure supplement.

If their readers are distracted by thinking their weight isn’t their fault, then the product being presented gains some emotional pull.  The marketing is aimed at the readers who want an excuse and a simple one-step solution.

The information that inflammation exists is part of the big picture and a healthy solution is possible.   You should use high-quality supplements.  However, this supplement, while it might be good, is just another band-aid instead of a miracle cure, and doesn’t address the big picture.

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