Have you ever had this happen to you? 
I decided to make some lifestyle changes and immediately started recognizing pushback, procrastination, and just plain resistance.

In my case, it showed up after I started research for a new book about what stops people from making changes.  I thought about diabetics who don’t make the type of changes that result in better health.  I’m more aware of this since my husband has Type 2 diabetes.

But it’s more than just the diabetes issue. 
I researched brain health, sleep habits, willpower, nutrition, exercise, triggers that welcome inertia or create changes, and more.  Scientific answers… empathetic answers… more questions.

God graciously let me notice how I was pushing back in my own life.  Hmmm….

I went from thinking I could do the research and then just write about solutions. I’m passionate about self-help and helping others.  But not if it’s just academic.  As God showed me different areas of my resistance, I felt myself soften and open up to more possibilities.  God is good at teaching pliability.

I’m grateful for the areas I need to work on.  And work on them I will.  Then I can write about solutions from a much better perspective.

How about you?

To your success and good health!